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  • Effects of folic acid

  • Folic acid, in other words, vitamin B9, belongs to the substances that are indispensable to every healthy organism. But to what does this important substance help us? It does not matter the age of the individual!

    Folic acid is important for the proper functioning of the whole body! Some people may be surprised, but folic acid also needs a person to make DNA, even repair it. Most people know that DNA is the basic building block of every cell, and from the point of view of genetics, this function is extremely important. Ideal ratios of folic acid in our body are also important for rapid placental growth. Dear women, if you plan to become a mother in the near future, enough doses of B9, that is, folic acid, can protect you from preeclampsia. For optimal dose, it is recommended to consume at least 400 micrograms of folic acid per day. If a woman is pregnant, many senior experts on this subject agree that it is important for the body of the woman to receive a minimum of 600 micrograms of folic acid for one day. However, there is a certain limit that most recommend not to go beyond.

    What is this border?


    It is generally spoken about 1000 micrograms of folic acid per day. However, if we cross the 1000 microgram border, it does not mean it will be dangerous for your body. You simply increase the risk of incorrectly diagnosing your B12 vitamin deficiency. But the most important thing!

    What signs can we observe on our body if we accept smaller doses of folic acid than the recommended daily dose? Headaches, weight loss, irritability, heart beat, weakness, discomfort, even diarrhea. It is therefore not appropriate to play with your health and the health of the baby after birth.


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