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  • Pregnancy with Vitamin Folic Acid


    In the next few lines we will talk about folic acid, which has a variety of effects on our body. Every single woman planning a baby must be in perfect physical condition before the birth of the child so that the baby can be healthy and vital after birth.


    In order for a healthy baby to be born, in addition to the influences of the outside environment, nutritional supplements, to which the folic acid definitely belongs, must also contribute. But what effects does it have on human health during pregnancy? That's what we'll learn for a little while! First of all, what is actually folic acid, or otherwise called vitamin B9? It is one of the vitamins, namely B9, which occurs naturally in plants. Different clinical trials have shown that when women regularly take folic acid before pregnancy and during the first months of pregnancy (specifically 400 micrograms daily), the risk of congenital neural tube defect in the child has been greatly reduced. But now we come to the point where it is necessary to say something about the consequences that result from the woman taking a deficiency of folic acid. One of the most common consequences of poor use of vitamin B9 (folic acid) Spine chord, i.e. damage to the nerve tube, which results in damage to the spinal cord and the brain. However, in addition, congenital heart defects, fever, climax, and various bladder disorders may occur. If there is a very small amount of folic acid that the individual has accepted, Alopecia, otherwise, folic acid is a very important factor in the formation of red blood cells. The last consequence of the reduced folic acid dose is the fact that there is an increased risk of abortion during the first weeks of pregnancy, reduced birth weight, even premature birth!


    Anyway, if you are planning a baby, it is important to consult your GP about how to properly administer folic acid, its effects, consequences, and the like. During pregnancy, folic acid is very important, so underestimation is certainly not in place! Let us therefore take care of our health in all circumstances!


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