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  • The most ideal way to receive nutrients is to consume foods that are ideally colorful and rich in these nutrients. Nowadays, we know the detailed composition of the food and we are able to build suitable dinners for every day.


    Folic acid is found in many foods, but it is found in vegetables such as legumes, spinach, red beet, kel, but we also get this important nutrient from foods like roast, whole grain bread, eggs, fish or nuts. However, thanks to advanced scientific research, we are now able to produce a number of substances, and one of these substances is folic acid, which we can easily take in any pharmacy in the form of tablets.


    This dietary supplement is a synthetic folic acid that can vary in these tablets. In our pharmacy, we can find a selection of many products that are different from folic acid and tablet count. At a lower price, we find tablets that contain a smaller dose of folic acid, ie 400 μg, which is the usual recommended daily dose. A higher amount is required for tablets containing a higher amount of this nutrient, ie 700 - 1000 μg, with the 700 - 800 μg daily being suitable for pregnant women, and it should also be noted that the 1000 μg dose represents the maximum recommended daily dose.

    The packing price also depends on the number of tablets, which can be different, but especially 30 - 100 packages. In a wide range of pharmacies, we also find a number of packages that offer tablets containing iron and folic acid because they are very related and have many similar effects. It is up to you whether you need to add folic acid only temporarily or want to use these dietary supplements long term for the proper functioning of your body so you can choose from the aforementioned packaging options.


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