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  • Questions and odpovede- Folic Acid

    • Folic acid is intended for pregnant women?

      Definitely not! Folic acid is a very important vitamin, without which the human body can not function properly. It provides cutting, growth and regeneration of cells, it is important for the production and the proper functioning of red blood cells, and with the other vitamins of the group B is responsible for the conversion of food into energy. It is almost as essential for life.

    • Possible to obtain the necessary amount of folic acid from food?

      Of course. The important thing is to eat a varied, healthy diet. The body will thank you not only in relation to folic acid, but also of other important vitamins and minerals. Treat yourself to a day plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, legumes, whole grain breads, nuts, sometimes even harm the liver or eggs. In the shops even get to buy food fortified with folic kyslinu. Read labels.

    • When resort to supplements containing folic acid?

      Accessories can be used when, for whatever reason to believe that the food received insufficient amounts of folic acid your body needs. Under no circumstances should you attempt to replace a healthy diet. They are designed for people who are consuming more folic acid than normal (eg. Pregnant women, rapidly growing children) or fail to folic acid from food properly handle (celiatici). Higher demand for folic acid intake can also cause some medicines.

    • Is it possible to overdose on folic acid?

      Folic acid is a water soluble vitamin, and the excess is excreted in the urine from the body. Case of overdose has been reported. Nutritional supplement that nevertheless take chances and take them as recommended.

    • What health problems can cause folic acid deficiency?

      Folic acid is important for every single cell organism, therefore also its associated health consequences are described in very broad terms. Folic acid is directly linked with the development of megaloblastic anemia, the disease, which results in shape-deformed red blood cells, which are able to adequately perform its function, oxygen transport and tissue cells. The importance of folate but also described in connection with cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer's disease, atherosclerosis, stroke, depression and deformation of sperm. Very great importance in terms of folic acid, already mentioned, the prevention of birth defects.

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