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  • Folic acid does not cause recruitment


    Folic acid is one of the most important vitamins for life that our body can not create but need to be taken through food.


    It is one of a group of vitamins B that are soluble in water and therefore, our body is washed into 24 hours, so the organism does not put it in the reserve and the man is forced to take it daily in the form of a varied diet. It has several important tasks, including protein synthesis, involvement in the formation of nucleic acids of RNA and DNA that are important for the transfer of genetic information, and also the growth of tissues that make up organs in our body. When it comes to genetic information, it should be noted that folic acid is one of the necessary nutrients during pregnancy. In pregnancy, its intake is very important, and the recommended daily dose should be increased, which should be around 700 μg during pregnancy. As with both mother and fetus, this vitamin provides the growth of tissues and cells, which also ensure the proper development and growth of the organism. Thanks to its regular intake, the newborn's body develops properly and also aids blood formation, which is important for both individuals.

    Thus, folic acid does not cause uptake, and it does not cause either its deficiency or its excessive amount but simply ensures the healthy growth of our organs and the whole organism, which is very important.


    One symptom of its deficiency is therefore slimming, hair loss and irritability. In addition, one of the other properties of folic acid is the support of appetite, which makes the person want to eat and therefore has the guaranteed intake of the nutrients needed to develop and maintain a healthy organism. By itself, folic acid does not cause any absorption, as well as its excessive amounts do not cause it.

    Therefore, if you want your body or body of your long-awaited newborn to develop well, do not hesitate and do not miss this important substance from your diet.


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