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    If the body is missing something very quickly it will ask. Usually it does so in a manner that we humans do not like at all. Since our bodies can not save folic acid in the fat reserves and the excess excreted in the urine, insufficient prijemthis vitamin is announced sooner than you'd expect. The first symptoms may appear as early as a few weeks.

    How is folic acid

    The main cause folic acid deficiency is, of course, the lack of income in the state. If long-term limit their consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables, wholemeal bread and other foods rich in this vitamin, the problem you have primed, so to speak. Precious vitamins contained in food and destroy its long heat treatment.

    Factors which result may develop a deficiency of folic acid, but it is much more. These include:

    • a genetic disorder that prevents the body from effectively use the received folic acid,

    • diseases that affect the absorption of vitamins and nutrients in the gut (e.g. celiac disease, Crohn's disease),

    • nežiaducee effects of certain drugs and

    • increased alcohol consumption.

    Symptoms of deficiency of folic acid

    The human body is in this direction really clever. The fact that we do not give him enough of this important vitamin reported in ways that you normally only difficult to combine with folic acid. These include:

    • Fatigue to chronic fatigue syndrome

    • gray hair

    • swollen tongue

    • Mouth ulcers

    • Pomaly rast u deti

    • Weakened immunity and increased morbidity

    • Tráviace problémy

    A common complication of long-term folic acid deficiency is the development of anemia. It manifests itself as:

    • persistent fatigue

    • Lethargy

    • Pale skin

    • Irritability and mood swings

    • diarrhea

    Long-term folic acid deficiency is linked to serious health complications. These include:

    • Megaloblastic anemia - a disease of red blood cells

    • Low white blood cells and platelets

    • Severe congenital anomalies spinal cord and brain of the developing fetus, called. Neural tube defects.

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