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  • Folic acid before pregnancy

  • In the following lines, we will deal with topics that may surprise or surprise some people. This is a folic acid, a name that can not be said by many, but for the body, this vitamin is very important.

    Why is it so important before conceiving a child? So we will try to find the answer to this question.

    But to be a bit more professional, another name for folic acid is vitamin B9 or folic acid. But what is its importance for the proper functioning of the body? Its effects on the body consist of the proper transformation of proteins and nucleic acids DNA and RNA, plus they are responsible for the formation, recovery and overall functioning of the cells of the human body. The dangerous side of folic acid is based on the fact that it can cause serious problems not only to the woman itself but also to the baby after birth.

    What causes if we have enough folic acid?


    Vitamin B9, a folic acid, prevents neural tube defects and spinal cord and brain errors. Such types of defects can still be present at the beginning of pregnancy, that is, at a time when the woman itself does not know she is pregnant. Among other things, our body also requires folic acid because it has beneficial effects on red blood cell production and thus prevents anemia. Studies based on the effects of folic acid on the pre- and post-pregnancy period should be taken at least one month before pregnancy and at least during the first trimester.

    But how do the laity know how much vitamin B9 is, folic acid, to take?

    Very many experts say different dosing information. However, such a general rule, to which many experts agree, is at least 400 micrograms of folic acid per day. During pregnancy, this should be even more than 600 micrograms per day. If we accidentally exceed a certain daily dose limit, namely 1000 micrograms, it is not a science, but this principle is absolutely not recommended because it can lead to a poor diagnosis of a possible vitamin B12 deficiency. Potential mothers, if you are planning a new addition to the family, do not forget to consume foods with enough vitamin B9, folic acid, to help not only yourself but also the baby!

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