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  • Daily intake of folic acid

  • Three reasons why you should sit up in folic acid


    Have you already fed up of all those "reliable" information about healthy eating and the recommendations of any kind only Rolling Eyes? We've got three reasons why you should sit up in folic acid:

    First, folic acid is very important for each and every cell of your body. Inevitably ensures the synthesis of DNA and RNA. With it arise in your body new, healthy cells. Translated into comprehensible language, folic acid helps to maintain healthy your blood, heart, brain and preventing certain cellular changes leading to cancer.

    Second, folic acid is one of the water-soluble vitamins, which means that the products from the body washes, and the sufficient resources so we must make every day.

    Third, the majority of the population does not ensure sufficient dietary intake of folic acid.

  • The recommended daily dose


    For normal, healthy population is recommended to take at least 400 micrograms of folic acid every day. If you give a lunch salad of leafy greens, tomatoes and if it reďkvičiek piece of wholemeal bread, you're in the water. Of course, the ideal is this amount spread out over the day, to ensure a constant gradual intake of this valuable vitamin.

  • Some will need it more


    It's common knowledge that pregnant womenwomen planning pregnancywould be in the interest of the health of their own child had to pay full regard to increased intake of folic acid. Some sources suggest that ideal as if every woman of childbearing age who could potentially become pregnant is taking a dietary supplement containing 400 micrograms of this vitamin. In the later stages of pregnancy, this value increases to 600 micrograms. Several times higher intake of folic acid is recommended for women planning to become pregnant and already have a child with spina bifida or have this diagnosis in the family. In these cases, it is appropriate to 10 times the usual daily dose, thus 4000 micrograms.

    Higher demand for folic acid persist for breastfeeding, The recommended daily allowance in this case indicates 500 micrograms.

    However, there are many other groups, who also need folate is higher than the general population. These are, for example, people taking drugs for epilepsy, diabetes, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and inflammatory bowel disease. These include whether patients with liver disease, kidney with sickle cell disease, celiatici and alcoholics.

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