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  • Of course, we all know that the best alternative to receiving nutrients is to include them in our diet, which should be varied and rich in all the necessary substances for the body. Our diet should include all the vitamins that are very important for the development of our body and also all the nutrients - sugars, fats, proteins, fiber, salt and many others that are very important drivers of our body.


    In the area of ​​vitamins, folic acid is also found, which is very important in the formation of nucleic acids because it has an essential and important role in their synthesis. Of course, not everyone is able to take the recommended daily dose that is around 400 μg and therefore needs to be supplied as dietary supplements, such as tablets. These tablets are especially suitable for women because they just need folic acid more than men. For pregnant women, higher doses are recommended, which are also adapted for tablets that also contain 700 - 1000 μg folic acid.


    The prices of these dietary supplements vary, depending on the manufacturer, but also on the number of tablets or the content of this important substance. A box containing 100 tablets containing 1000 μg, the highest recommended daily dose, is particularly suitable for women during pregnancy and its prices are around 5 €. However, if you do not need to supply too much, we also find other variants with a lower folic acid content such as 100 tablets containing 400 μg of this substance that are suitable for regular use alongside the classic diet and their price Ranges around 3 €.

    In addition, we also find a number of packages that combine iron and folic acid, because these two substances have similar effects and tasks in our body, and we usually get them from the same food sources as well. The dietary folic acid supplement is available in all pharmacies and does not need a prescription.


    Check with your doctor / pharmacist.

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