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  • What is important during pregnancy? For a healthy pregnancy - Folic acid.


  • What is folic acid and why the guard intake of vitamins B


    B9 vitamin, folic acid or Folic acid- Naming three behind which hides one for life indeed essential ingredient. Its importance for the human body, some of us do not know and many underestimate. What hides its strength and why it is important to guard it daily intake?

    Člen rodiny B - kyselina LISTOVÁ

    B-complex vitamin C after perhaps the most famous group of vitamins within the general public. Few, however, knows that this is their sense in the proper functioning of the body. All B vitamins help the body to convert food (carbohydrates) into fuel (glucose), which is used for energy production. They are also important in the context of the use of fat and protein. B-Complex is essential for the proper function of the liver, nervous system, skin health, hair and eyes.

    Why do you guard prijemB vitamins - folic acid

    Besides, none of us do not want to mess with her own health, B vitamins have one, to man a "betrayal" feature. They are soluble in water, which means that the human organism is simply passed along and does not require the body to the stock as it were. Most of the diet of those vitamins B / Folic Acid / are eliminated from the body in 24 hours. Their sufficient income is therefore important every day.

  • Function it is and who is threatened by a lack of folic acid


    What is the function of folic acid alone

    Folic acid is very important in the synthesis of nucleic acid, the most famous are the DNA and the RNA contained in each single cell of the human body. It is also necessary for the growth and division of cells and tissues, and protein metabolism. These processes without sufficient amounts of folic acid simply can not do. Along with vitamin B12 works closely with the proper formation and functioning of red blood cells and the use of iron in the body. It is also important for proper brain function and plays a very important role in the mental and emotional health.

    Who is at risk of folate deficiency

    Varied diet and sufficient intake of vitamins / folinic acid / it is of course necessary in every age and in the whole population. Higher demand for folic acid intake, however, have given the already mentioned rapid cell division, children, adolescents and pregnant women. Other groups, who are more common vitamin deficiency B9 are celiatici, diabetics, alcoholics and people with inflammatory bowel disease. Folic acid levels in the body may also reduce some medications, such as contraceptives, cytotoxic drugs or diuretics. In the described cases it is usually included increased amounts of folic acid in the form of nutritional supplements. In the general population, on the contrary, it is sufficient varied and balanced diet.

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